5 Fun Places for the Kids to Go, While You Work on Free Wi-Fi

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Ever had the thought of just going to a spot in the neighborhood, log into your laptop and just enjoy the scenery while you work? However, when you have your kids home with you, that idea is thrown out the window in an instant. There are many places that you can lug your laptop to and be able to work with a free Wi-Fi connection, but most of those places usually aren't as kid friendly and you will have to pretty much watch your kid and not get any work done at all like you hope. Well, I think I have found the solution for you where the kids can have fun and you are able to work on free Wi-Fi if you don't mind a bit of noise. Of course there are a couple that are obvious, but others may be new knowledge to some.

Local Public Library

Most public libraries will have a section for younger kids to spend time in a playroom or have certain days and times that kids can do arts, crafts, listen to stories and other activities. You can take the advantage of using their Wi-Fi to get some work done without any worries of them getting into something they shouldn't and they will have some supervision.


This is where if you can work in any type of noisy environment, this would be the place. The majority of McDonald's restaurant that will have free Wi-Fi, although there are only some that will have a Playplace for kids to run out their energy. To be sure that you local McDonald's have free Wi-Fi, you can visit their website for confirmation and also see if there is a McDonald's Playplace near you.


Wait..what? Starbucks? Yes, it's more then a hide out spot to divulge in great coffee, there are a few Starbucks that have a special area for kids to play. So let your kids play for a while as you get some much needed work done with your favorite cup of coffee and pastry.

Whole Foods

This is something interesting that most people may not be aware that a grocery store actual has a play area just for kids as well as free Wi-Fi. The play area is open during store hours and while you work, you can grab your some lunch without having to leave.

Beach House

If by chance you are able to get away to the beach house for the weekend or longer, but still need to have access to the Internet for work related reasons, there are many that have Wi-Fi for free. You can spend time with your family and during naps and while everyone is tucked into bed, you can take a little bit of time to catch up on last minute tasks.


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