Currently helping to recruit 9 male speakers for a US data collection project for Appen.

You will need an Android tablet or smartphone for this project. The pay is $19 for 1500 short voice prompts and you will be paid through Paypal. If two or more people are recruited, there will be a bonus. The deadline for these voice prompts is Sunday, June 5th by 11:00pm EST. If you are a male or know a male who would be interested, please inbox Make a Living Working From Home on Facebook or to get you started right away.

Pay will be distributed the week of June 6th once all recordings have been processed.

Are you passionate about helping others and looking for an opportunity to be the heartbeat of an innovative and rapidly growing startup? As a Customer Support Data Entry Specialist, you'll play an important role in driving one of Ibotta's key differentiators- first class customer support. With accuracy, efficiency, analytical thinking, and personal attention given to every user, the Customer Support team has built a reputation of being a dedicated, diligent, and trusted resource to internal and external customers alike. We're looking for someone who will help continue to build this reputation, take pride in the difference they're making for our users, and make positive contributions in an environment where teamwork, transparency, and "out-hustling" is valued. This is a part-time contractor position and will work from home.


Use internal tools to process user receipts and verify user purchases
Meet individual performance goals in a metric and performance driven environment
Follow instructions and communicate with supervisor

Job Requirements:

Your own personal computer with internet access and Google Chrome installed
Available 10 to 32 hours a week
Excellent attention to detail; you take pride in your high level of accuracy
Good time management skills
Ability to stay focused when completing repetitive tasks
Ability to efficiently work from home with minimal direct supervision
Ability to attending training (2 days) at Ibotta HQ in downtown Denver
Excellent spelling and grammar skills
Excellent command of the English language
This position pays $10/hour.

For more information on how to apply, visit Ibotta Careers page.

1-800-Flowers is hiring for Seasonal Customer Service and Sales for the upcoming holidays. Consultants hired for the season will be supporting one of the following brands: 1-800 Flowers, The Popcorn Factory, Cheryl's Cookies, Fannie May Chocolates, or Harry and David.

Consultants will be trained as full-time for one week and then continue to work as part time from their home. Before and during Christmas, all consultants will be moved to full-time to accommodate during the busy holiday. Consultants will also be paid during training.

*This position is only available in the United States (48 contiguous).*

  • Provide customers with exceptional service by following very specific policies and procedures
  • Assist customers in selecting products and gifts as well as offering add-ons and upselling
  • Process orders using the internal computer tools and applications
  • Verify and validate all information provided by the customer prior to order submission
  • Communicate effectively with customers and act as an advocate on the customers behalf to uphold the company’s Product Guarantee Policy
  • Accurately document all actions taken when working within a customer account
  • Process order cancellations and adjustments in a timely and accurate manner
  • Professionally respond to incoming and outgoing messages on behalf of
  • Consistently achieve key performance indicators (KPI) and performance standards as defined by management
  • Adhere to coaching and development opportunities provided by managers
  • Participate in ongoing coaching and training sessions to ensure your success in the position
  • Successful candidates will meet the following:
  • Own a PC with a reliable high-speed internet connection
  • Ability to type 20-25 words per minute
  • Prior contact center experience (strongly preferred)
  • Previous work at home experience (preferred)
  • Must be 18 years of age or older and have a High School diploma or GED
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; fundamental math skills
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of the sales process
  • Motivation and dependability
  • Available to work extended shifts during peak holiday weeks
Application Process

To apply for this position, you must fill out an online form through CloudSource.

Vicky Virtual is a virtual assistant company that hires those to help clients with phone calls, schedule meetings, online booking and anything else that an assistant needs to do.

What it takes to become a Virtual Receptionist

  • Be warm, friendly, and professional on every call
  • Using active listening skills
  • Promptly answer incoming calls
  • Focusing on what you can do (as opposed to what you can’t) and seeking creative ways to offer assistance
  • Communicate clearly, and converse with individuals both verbally and in writing regarding the exchange of accurate, detailed information, including the ability to read and comprehend client call information with special instructions

Requirements as a Virtual Receptionist

  • Live in the U.S.
  • Fast, reliable computer
  • Stable, high-speed internet connection
  • Quiet work environment during business hours
  • Able to quickly learn how to use multiple types of software, email, and live chat computer programs
  • Upbeat, caring, cheerful, empathetic, customer-focused attitude
  • Phone-based support or customer service experience a bonus
  • A sense of humor

Compensation for this position is $10 an hour.

If this sounds of interest to you, then you can complete and application at Vicky Virtual.

How to Find Work From Home Jobs

Finding a work from home job is actually a job in itself. There will be some research that may have to go into what you are looking for especially when you may come across something that looks too good to be true. Luckily, there are some places online such as forums, blogs, search engines, online/offline classifieds and many others.

Check out - 10 Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online


Working from home forums are an excellent place to get a wide range of information from those who have been in the work from home field for a good portion of time. This is where you can ask questions, find job listings that may be posted and also networking. You may be able to find a position in a field that you are familiar with or find a position that you want to take on that is new to you. A few examples of great forums to get information from is and There are many other, but these are the ones that are popular.


There are tons and tons of blogs that talk about working from home, whether it is about personal experiences, job listings, how to avoid scams, etc. Pretty much by doing a search, you can skim through blogs that are of interest to you that you feel can be of more help and give you the information that you need.

Search engines

How to Find Work From Home JobsThis is where most people start out by typing in "work from home" into their search engine in which will
return pages upon pages that have these keywords in them. When doing a search, you can use other key terms such as telecommute and virtual worker, for example, along with what type of work that you would like to do. This will somewhat narrow the choices down a little.

Review more - Work From Home Keywords


Another good source for finding work from home jobs is through the classifieds. This can be either online or offline, whichever you feel comfortable to use, although online classifieds can give you more choices as well as a broader area for work. Some online classifieds that are currently popular include:

Simply Hired

With online classifieds, you do need to be careful as there can be scams among the legitimate companies that will post job offers on them. One important advice that I can give is make sure that there is no upfront fee to work for a company, unless it is a home business. Jobs that offer you to work from home and ask for money are usually ones that may try to scam you of your money.When you find something that you are interested in, make sure you know most, if not all the details you can about the position. Usually employers may give you the standard information on the position and the skills needed for an applicant and there may be some that give just a small amount of information. By any grounds, though, if there is something that you are not sure of, send an inquiry if the employer allows inquiries so that you can better understand what it is they need for their company.

See what at home jobs you can find - SearchTempest Tutorial

Don't give up

It can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming when searching for work to do from home because there is just so much information out there. The best thing to do is take it step by step and look for what you are able to do with the skills that you have. Begin to fill out applications to as many places as you can that you are for sure, you can handle the position and do a great job in. Even if you don't get a response back as quick as you might like, don't give up as there will be something for you.
5 Work From Home Podcasts You Should Have on Play

Podcasts are a great little resource to have. You are able to search for all sorts of shows to listen to while you're driving or multi-tasking around the house. Most podcast usually will be around an hour or less and can give you interesting little tidbits that you may not know. While working from home, sometimes it can feel like a long day, however, if you are wanting to have something in the background instead of just quietness (if your home office does not require a quiet area), you can listen to work at home podcasts.

Work From Home Podcasts

These can help you gain further insight on all types of topics from other people's perspective and learn new information that can help further you in your work at home journey or for your own business.

5by5 Home Work

Dave Caolo and Aaron Mahnke give weekly advice to those who work from home. Listeners are able to send in their questions, concerns or even comments about telecommuting and have them addressed.

Work at Home Success

Tune in every Friday afternoon to get the latest on stories from home-based workers sharing their expertise and experiences.

Working Out

Paddy Donnelly and Ashley Baxter will be giving you the dish on how to create your own business. They talk about their experiences of their own journey, the challenges and achievements as they learn and grow.

VA Helper Podcast

If you are thinking about becoming a virtual assistant or want to further grow your business, then this podcast will help you to achieve that goal giving you tips on how to gain more clients and how to give great customer service while building your reputation at the same time.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn discusses ways of creating multiple passive income with marketing tips, sharing his online income, and strategies of blogging and his online business.

Entertaining Podcast

Now everyone still needs downtime after work and you can still continue listening to podcast by adding these into the mix.

America's Test Kitchen

Cooking, tips, recipes and other interesting talk about food

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Get the latest on books, movies and television in under an hour.

TED Radio Hour

TED speakers show new ways of how to create and think, develop new inventions and fascinating ideas.

Stuff You Should Know

Things you should know about the world and how they work.

What are your favorite podcasts that you listen to?

online test scorer

Individuals that are wanting to work from home, yet want to pursue in work that uses their experience in the education besides or in addition to tutoring, may find that using their skills as an online test scorer could be a great option. Even if you may not have an education background, you may still be able to do this particular job as long as you have a college degree. Although the position is not year round, usually the work is busy around the spring and summer, you can work it as a second job or just to make some extra income during those times.

What is an online test scorer?

As an online test scorer, you will help grade standardized tests such as the writing and mathematics portion of the tests. You will be working online through the company's platform and there is no phone involved, so this is also a great opportunity for those who prefer non-phone work. The test will be from several different grade levels from elementary schools to college, so it probably can get a bit interesting.

Pay and schedule

Depending on the company, the starter pay as an online test scorer can be a rate of $10 an hour and can increase as long as you meet the standards and performance of the work. As far as scheduled work time, it is flexible and you are able to choose when you are able to work. Each online scoring company does have its own standards that you will need to follow, so it is best to review what you need to qualify and to keep the position.

Who's currently hiring?

Again, since this is seasonal work, you have to keep a lookout on when the positions become available and ready to be filled. Usually after completing an application and receiving further information on the position, you are also required to do a training session and most offer paid training.

ACT Essay Scorers - Score writing tests for ACT. Current teaching experience is preferred along with a bachelors degree or higher.

ETS Scoring Online - Scorers will evaluate samples of performance such as written short answers or essays, spoken responses and portfolios. Teaching experience, bachelors or masters degree will vary depending on what requirement is needed for different online positions.

Pearson Assessments - Bachelor's degree is required.

Measurement Incorporated - Score tests on project-by-project basis. Requires a bachelor's degree in any field.

WriteScore - Scorers will need at least a 2 year degree in any field. There are strict deadlines to completing work and this company does not offer paid training. Starting pay here is $8 an hour and it can increase to $15 an hour.
Asurion customer service work at home

If you are the type of person that loves to help other people with technical issues with their computers or other technology, working with Asurion would be a great work at home job for you. As an Asurion Technical Customer Service Associate, you will be using your advanced technical knowledge to assist customers with their frustrations of their equipment issues and providing solutions so that the customer can get up and running again. Asurion is looking for those that can provide world-class customer service and is able to build trust with customers.

Little Background Information

Asurion has been around since 1994, currently running 49 offices worldwide with about 15,000 employees to help serve its 280 million consumers. The company is based in Nashville, Tennessee providing device protection and support services.

Is customer service the only work at home position at Asurion?

Currently, yes. The Technical Customer Service position is for inbound customer service so customer will be calling in for your assistant with anything from technology to insurance claims that Asurion provides for them. As a customer service associate, you will be on an employee basis with the company and you will receive benefits.

What is the pay and benefits?

As an Asurion employee, you will be paid on an hourly basis at the starting amount of $9 an hour. However, the pay can be increased to $12 an hour as you progress and you are even able to receive overtime, bonuses, shift differentials and other incentives. There is also six weeks of paid training. The benefits that will be available to you include:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401K Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance


You will be working by a set schedule and evenings, weekends and holidays are required. Similar to working within a call center, you will be giving short breaks and a lunch period. When you are hired, you will be able to discuss the exact scheduling.

What are the requirements to work for Asurion?

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Pass background check and drug screening as well as subsequent background check on annual basis
  • 1+ years of customer service experience
  • Flexibility to work all shifts as required
  • Strong verbal and communication skills

Are there any technical requirements?

Since you will be working from your own computer and home office, you will need equipment that is up-to-date. Some of the technical requirements that you will need include:

  • Computer with the following requirements: Windows Vista or greater, 1 GHz Processor or greater, minimum 3 GB RAM, Internet Explorer, Virus Protection Software, Minimum 1 GB of available hard drive space
  • High Speed DSL or Cable Modem Internet Service (Speed should be at least 6.0 MB/s download and 786 KB/s upload)
  • Basic Residential Telephone Service - Analog or Digital (VOIP is not permitted)
  • Corded headset with a noise-cancelling microphone

How to apply

You are able to start the application process by applying through Asurion's career page. Job opportunities will be listed by state. You can search by location, category or job group.

Are you currently working or have you worked with Asurion from home? If so, what are your thoughts and experience with the company?