Work From Home Keywords

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Finding work from home positions can be found, but are you using the correct keywords to find those diamonds in the rough? Of course the phrase "work from home" or "work at home" will bring you an unlimited amount of searches, but also can lead you to some scams. Listed below are some keywords that you can plug into the search engine or even on job websites such as to get better results.

    work from home keywords
  • independent contractor
  • virtual
  • remote
  • 1099
  • telecommute
  • virtual position
  • freelance
  • home office
  • home-based
  • remote workers
  • virtual assistant

You can also use some of the keywords in conjunction with a position that you are specifically looking for. The difference is that you would use quotes around the words. Some examples would be:

  • "telecommute graphic designer"
  • "freelance writer"
  • "work from home customer service"
  • "remote transcription"


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