Tidbits of Me

Hi everyone, my name is LG Simms. I started working from home in 2005 after my second child was born. I have been working from home ever since and currently have three children (daycare was a bit steep then as it is now). I first plunged into the work at home world with my first job as a chat based texter which was very interesting. After a couple of years working in that field, I ventured on to ChaCha and KGB, both companies that I would answer questions using a computer when users would text in their questions. Between all of this, I went back to school full time and earned my BS degree in CIS. Currently, I do freelance writing and some social media along with other side jobs that helps to bring in extra income. Not really what you expect from someone with a computer degree, however, I think that where I ended is working out for me.

About This Blog

This blog was created back in 2010 to help those find work at home jobs, however, sad to say that dust had collected without many updates. Here it is 2014 and this blog is brought back to life. Throughout the years, I have come to find out that there are many people such as stay at home parents like myself, those who may have retired, people with disabilities, along with those wanted a side job and others who are looking for that perfect job that they can do from home or even just to bring in extra money.

This blog is not going only going to be about how I'm earning income here and there, as my original plan when I started this blog, but how to help others in finding something that you can do from home that will work for you.

I do hope that what you find here will be helpful to you. If you have any suggestions or even have questions on something that you may be looking for please contact me.

Happy earnings!


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