Work From Home Phone Jobs - Land Line Not Required

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Most people are using their cells phones as their main home phone, however, when it comes to work at home jobs, having a land line is usually a requirement. Don't despair though because there are some companies that do not require a land line to work with them. What is listed below is a compiled list of those companies and some basic details.

work from home phone jobs land line not required

Next Wave @ Home - use their software to make the calls

American Support - You use a softphone/USB headset for calls. However, their website requirements still state that you need a land line, but someone who works for them posted here that they've updated their software so you don't need a land line.

OnPoint Advocacy - use their software to make the calls

InteliChek - any kind of phone is OK to use

Acanac - Voip is allowed for the phone support position

Pierce-Eislen - any kind of phone is OK to use

Virtual Office VA Staffing - You can use a land line, cell phone or Google Voice if the call quality is good

ParaMeds - Skype or Google Voice is fine.

Convergys - Some of their workers say a land line is not needed to do the work.

Maritz Research - This company prefers a land line, but they do have some people using Voip or cell phones with good connections. No Magic Jack though.

TelCare Retention Services - They provide a Voip service for you or Skype (this company requires that you train in FL from what I've read)

NexRep - All calls are routed through the computer, no land line needed

Perception Strategies - You can use any kind of phone, even a cell phone, to place the calls

Cloud10 - Voip is used

TeleNetwork - No land line needed, they install a soft phone on your computer.

TeleTech - You can use a land line or Voip through this company but the Voip cannot be connected to the Internet 

XACT Telesolutions - They use a Voip software for calls, no land line needed

Lifebushido - Can use land line, cell, or Voip as long as call quality is good. 

Sitel - I was told by a reader that Sitel no longer requires a land line for their projects.

SupportSpace - Tech support phone/chat job. You can use either Skype or a land line.

Sutherland Global Services uses a phone program downloaded onto your PC and a headset.

People Calling People uses a corporate Skype account and a headset. (This one isn't hiring right now but you can apply & be put on the list for when they are.)

GoodCall - Sales position. In-browser calls with no phone needed.

Generation Sales Group - Cold calling. Pays $12 an hour and you must commit to 20 hours per week. Calls are routed through your computer to a USB headset. - Tech support work. Calls are routed through USB headset. 

Marketlink - Per Marketlink, they do not require a land line phone.

Windy City Call Center - If hired, you will need to download software that allows you to make calls through your computer. Only hiring in CO, IL, IN, and GA.

ABC Financial - Hires people to take inbound calls, handling health and gym club membership accounts. They supply all equipment. No land line required, just high speed internet.


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