Fired!..... Now What?

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Fired, terminated, your services are no longer needed, axed, canned... however you word it, it isn't a good feeling. Your heart kind of sinks, doesn't it? Well, I just recently felt that a moment ago when I received an email that my contract has ended. It's a shame to, because the work wasn't bad, but that's not going to keep me down for long.

In another post I talked about how Extra Work Comes In Handy and sure enough I will be bucking down and gathering the work that I had on the back-burner and start working them again. I will also have to start looking for other work that may help raise my income as the one that I just lost had. I know things are a bit slow around this time and normally I can score something decent during the summer months, but hopefully I will be able to find something a little sooner.


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