Extra Work Comes in Handy

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Having extra backup jobs to do online is always a good thing. You may never know when one of them may not need your services anymore.

One in particular company that has closed it's door is Livework. I had just started working back with the company last month or so and was enjoying the work and the pay as well. Today is when they will be sending out the last payments of work and closing the doors. This is sad for those who were dependent on the work they were given through the company and I do truly hope those will find something that can bring in the income they were getting or at least being able to bring in some income.

Personally, I try to keep extra jobs around and if I see something online that I think I can do, I will go ahead and apply to it because you never know how things will end up. So to those who are currently looking for work to do from home, keep your chin up as there is something out there for you.


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