Work From Home as an Online Test Scorer

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online test scorer

Individuals that are wanting to work from home, yet want to pursue in work that uses their experience in the education besides or in addition to tutoring, may find that using their skills as an online test scorer could be a great option. Even if you may not have an education background, you may still be able to do this particular job as long as you have a college degree. Although the position is not year round, usually the work is busy around the spring and summer, you can work it as a second job or just to make some extra income during those times.

What is an online test scorer?

As an online test scorer, you will help grade standardized tests such as the writing and mathematics portion of the tests. You will be working online through the company's platform and there is no phone involved, so this is also a great opportunity for those who prefer non-phone work. The test will be from several different grade levels from elementary schools to college, so it probably can get a bit interesting.

Pay and schedule

Depending on the company, the starter pay as an online test scorer can be a rate of $10 an hour and can increase as long as you meet the standards and performance of the work. As far as scheduled work time, it is flexible and you are able to choose when you are able to work. Each online scoring company does have its own standards that you will need to follow, so it is best to review what you need to qualify and to keep the position.

Who's currently hiring?

Again, since this is seasonal work, you have to keep a lookout on when the positions become available and ready to be filled. Usually after completing an application and receiving further information on the position, you are also required to do a training session and most offer paid training.

ACT Essay Scorers - Score writing tests for ACT. Current teaching experience is preferred along with a bachelors degree or higher.

ETS Scoring Online - Scorers will evaluate samples of performance such as written short answers or essays, spoken responses and portfolios. Teaching experience, bachelors or masters degree will vary depending on what requirement is needed for different online positions.

Pearson Assessments - Bachelor's degree is required.

Measurement Incorporated - Score tests on project-by-project basis. Requires a bachelor's degree in any field.

WriteScore - Scorers will need at least a 2 year degree in any field. There are strict deadlines to completing work and this company does not offer paid training. Starting pay here is $8 an hour and it can increase to $15 an hour.


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