Music Buffs Can Get Paid Listening to Music

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get paid listening to music

You listen to music about everyday, right? Well, there are online communities available that you can get paid for listen to short samples of music. Anyone can do this, even if you only listen to music every so often and it takes no time at all to earn money.

What you will be doing?

There are many up and coming music artists that want to heard. You will listen to different types of songs and give feedback on what you think about them. After that, you will get paid. The earnings, however, won't buy you your next yacht, but getting paid on what you already do anyway is always nice.

So who is paying for you to listen?

Here are a couple of these music communities that will love to have feedback from you while you make a couple of bucks.


With SlicethePie, you will need to listen to at least 20 seconds of the song and then write a review about the song you heard. The review can be short as a couple of sentences or elaborate as you like if you have lots of feedback you want to give. For each quality review, you will earn $0.02 and as you continue, you can earn up to $0.20 per review. Once you reach $10 in earnings, you can cashout via Paypal.

Music Xray

With Music Xray, you are able to choose the genre of songs that you would like to hear. You will need to listen to 30 seconds of the song and then earn $0.10. At first, it will be slow going in getting songs to review, but after a few, you will get more. You can also be notified by email of when there are songs available for you to listen to. Payment is made via Paypal once you reach $20.


With every song that you listen to, you will be rewarded with points tat you can redeem for CDs, DVDs and few other prizes which they change up every so often. You can also enter into drawings for gift cards. Also the gifts are only for those that live in the US.

Radio Loyalty

Radio Loyalty has many radio stations that you can choose from to listen to.  As you listen, you are rewarded points that are redeemable for merchandise. Some of the merchandise include headphones, gift cards, iPad, speakers and more.

Have you used any of these yourself and if so, how was your experience so far?


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