Get paid to watch TV and chat about it!

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We’re looking for smart, outgoing people who love to watch TV - and love to share that experience - to help us promote our new social television platform. Successful candidates will recruit TV viewers to register at our website, and will manage online viewing events to ensure users have an enjoyable social experience.

Managers can work on as few as one TV show per week, and as many as five. Managers will only be assigned to TV programs they actually watch, so you will not be forced to work on shows you don't like.

There is no trial period - earn money the day you start, and earn more every day as you get better. Outstanding performers will be considered for full-time permanent positions, including stock options. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing in social networking and TV.

Candidates must have cable or satellite television at home, and be active Twitter and Facebook users with no fewer than 150 fans/followers. Only outgoing, articulate communicators will be considered. This is a work from home position.

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