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If you can write short answers to easy questions in your own words using proper grammar you can do this job. Rules: No plagiarism, minimum two sentences, minimum, 150 characters. We use the internet to look up answers. The answer has... to be correct. If interested, follow these instructions:

1) Go to oDesk, click "Create Account" button, and follow the steps for a Freelance Contractor.

2) Verify your email address and complete the registration steps, including creating a Contractor profile. The profile is required, but can be set to private if you don't want to be viewable to other employers in our marketplace. You need to pass a test. This will help you pass the test:

3) Locate your contractor "permalink". Go to and click "View my profile" (screenshot: You will find a URL located on your contractor profile (screenshot:

4) Go to the Read it and fill in your information. Wait for a response.

When filling out profile on oDesk, you can put whatever you want. The pay rate you enter there is not related to this job. We all get $64.80 to $70 per 250 answers. You have one week to do each batch of 250 questions. Making the deadline is important. When you are done, you turn in the batch, get paid, and say if you want new batch. We work on a spreadsheet via Google docs. You can work as much as you want. As you work on your question, editor will process your answer and give feedback if needed.


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