Being Sick and Working From Home

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Being Sick and Working from Home
Working from home can give you the flexibility of doing work when you are able to, depending on what company you may be working for. So when you come across the flu or a slight cold you really don't have to worry about having to call in sick and maybe putting others in a pinch of your absence. You are able to stay at home and get yourself well. This can be a pro and a con to being an independent contractor because, yes you have that option as you would with an outside job, but sometimes you may have that mindset of still working because of that flexibility.

For example, in one of my evening classes that I take during the week, the classroom was unusually cold and when I got home I knew for sure that I was getting a cold from it. The next day, I didn't feel well, but still tried to work. The cold defeated me, so I had to lay down and rest. Again today, I did the same thing, just worked a little and went to lay down to rest before picking up the kids from school. Because my online work is really flexible and I don't have to call in, I can just take the time off, although because I don't get "sick pay" I am loosing income for the time I don't work. I'm not one to get sick very often, but I have learned to rest when I do.

For those who work from home, are you able to take the time off to get your rest when you need to? Or whether if you are taking care of yourself or another ill relative, do you work in a position where you are not able to take the time off or can't take the time off because you have to make the income?


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