Have More Than One Egg

It is great to have that one "egg in the basket" that you are getting paid very well at, but it is also a good idea to have one or two eggs extra in case there ia hiccup somewhere. When you have more than one work at home job, you are able to have a back up to bring in extra money for your needs or just to keep it on the backburner for emergencies.

For me personally, I have my basket filled and I am still looking each day finding new work at home jobs just to keep on the side and work on them here and there just to have "in case" for any reason. If you find a few here and there that are of interest to you and even if you know you won't make as much as you are with your main egg, it is just a good practice to keep some handy.


  1. You have listed several I would normally be interested in, were I not forcing myself to stick to what I've got. Joining too much and not sticking to a couple has been a bad habit of mine. Now I am concentrating on article writing. I am recommending this blog to friends, though.

    Susan Hamlin

  2. I do agree to not having to get overwhelmed with so many online jobs. I think it's best to have maybe two extra with a main one just to keep some income coming through if need be. Thanks for the recommendation.