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A Blogger is a paid professional writer who posts regularly on a given topic. A Blogger writes articles with a minimum of 300 words. Bloggers can blog for many different topics--as long as they have the expertise to write in that subject area.

A Blogger must be versatile, creative, experienced and well informed on their chosen topic. They must have a solid grasp of the English language and be able to edit their own work as well as take the direction of an editor. is the blog network for family topics. We currently have more than 30 blogs on topics such as parenting, marriage, family fun, frugal living, and home & garden. Incomplete applications will not be considered, so please see below for exactly what should be included in your application package. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, however, we generally do not have immediate openings. When we have an opening, we look for the best qualified writer for the position.

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