Job Leads 12/27/2010

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The job leads below are not researched, so please look into them and get more details before applying.

Looking for News Writers

We are a financial publishing company which produces a financial magazine, investment newsletters and investor education materials. We have recently launched a start up news site and are looking to hire writers. Each writer will be responsible to write daily business/financial news articles (150-300 words). They can cover the stock market, Wall Street, investment products, economic reports and business news. The site will likely be approved by Google News and three other large news sources shortly.

Please note that this is not a full time job. Compensation will be a small flat monthly rate depending on articles written per business day. You are free to write 1 article per day or as many as 4 articles per day. This is a perfect opportunity for college students and recent grads to gain exposure, build their resume and make a little money on the side. You will also have be given the chance to write columns for the magazine which are read by institutional investors and financial executives.

Click here for more information and how to apply 

Data Analysis, Evaluation (your home, SE DC)

Anaylze attendance and other data from an afterschool program in SE DC. Attendance is collected in Excel. 220 children. Evaluate average daily attendance, attendance trends, by grade and teacher and create management reports based on attendance. Gather DCPS standardized testing scores and correlate against attendance. Gather behavioral observations and correlate against attendance. Create method to document influence of suspensions on attendance. Create time check system to document attendance at beginning and end of program to improve managements use of resources.

Estimated 2-4 hours a week once system is set up, with extra time needed in January to gain working knowledge, set up systems, etc. Extra time will be needed June when school year is complete to compile finale states for federal reports. Extra time in August when program year is complete to compile finale stats.

Telecommuting required.

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