Butler Hill

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Web Search Evaluators will review and evaluate internet search results based on specific search terms and provide a rating depending on the relevance of the search result to the search term. The evaluation work is done using an online automated tool.
For most projects, you will be allowed the flexibility to choose the hours you wish to work each day.  We currently run multiple projects, having different hourly requirements, ranging from 12 to 22 hours per week.  The freelance work is expected to extend through June, 2011, possibly beyond.
· Personal PC that runs Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system and anti-virus software.  Windows XP and Apple platforms, including virtual environments are not acceptable. 
- Minimum screen resolution capabilities of 1280 X 768; desired resolution is 1280 X 1024 
· A high-speed internet connection
· Ability to problem-solve technical/software issues independently
· Detail-oriented and organized with strong time management skills and the ability to manage a 20-22 hours per week self- directed work schedule
· Native English speaker, living in the US
· Familiar with current cultural, political, business and media affairs in the US
· Extensive familiarity with a wide variety of online news sources published in the US
· Avid internet enthusiast with excellent web research and analytical capabilities
· Completed at least 1-2 years of a university program
· 1-2 years professional work experience

A competitive hourly pay rate, flexible work schedule while working online remotely.

Butler Hill website to apply.


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